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01-23-2006, 06:54 PM
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Originally Posted by Techno
Because he loves TalkFreelance.

Lets have some info on BigZee, might we seen you around on any other forums?
Well my background is generally internet marketing, so this covers a broad range of things, I run my own company and I do post on a few other forums - although I go under a couple of other usernames: "Big Richard" & "boywonder" - don't ask me why they are different - just ended up changing them for no apparent reason really - unfortunately as you know changing a username is a pain on forums once you have set one up!

I started out programming my own sites, but now my time really revolves around management, so I get programmers to do the actual development now - I was never that great anyway!

I will be releasing a new project in the new future (next month or so) that I am very excited about (which will be very closely intergrated with TF and should be a big benifit to all TF members!!) - cant say much more than that really as I want to keep it under my hat till it launches, but TF members will be the first to know about it!