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03-21-2012, 11:36 PM
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Artashes, I do personally understand you're a busy person, and even committed as you are (I've been a long time member of it still shows TalkFreelance is been going sooo slow and to be honest it's going to be REALLY hard to get seriously active and skilled people working around here again, as it seems those type of people have mostly moved on to more serious things and people don't really share quality work anymore around these parts. At least not as much as I used to see around here, I mean there were so many talented designers working on so many projects, some beautiful ones, most new contributors seem to be here mostly for the quick buck and just to have somewhere to post.

Also, to be honest I haven't seen any serious changes during all these time since you purchased it, and I could say that maybe someone else with more time would of been better to TF (nothing personal), my point is, people want to see that there is something seriously going on, cause what is the point on busting your ass helping around when you don't have the feeling that things will prosper and you have active leaders trying to promote that quality, that future in the community. I know you post and stuff, but it ain't enough.

I just would really like to see this take off TF has always had so much potential, I mean, if it hadn't been for Rob (I think it was?) the past owner who left this to die for so long, this would probably be one of the biggest and more active freelancing community available.

On the other side, I really hope the upgrade is soon and things appear to move forward, I really will be checking out, I'd like these place to be somewhere to go to all your online developing needs.

And one last request, please, remove the footer which shows "who has been online today", tbh, who cares? The important thing is content, not how many people have been checking, it's just not nice anymore, maybe back in the day to show your site is kinda active, but to be honest at this point, it serves no purpose, in my opinion.

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