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03-22-2012, 02:20 PM
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Originally Posted by Artashes View Post
If you just look at the visual changes, you are right, we haven't upgraded the new theme yet. What you don't see is the work that has been taking place behind the scenes, most of which has to do with design and coding. The actual designing of the new look kicked off in 2011, not right after I purchased TF. I had a list of other priorities that had to be addressed after the transfer and they took months to accomplish. Additionally, as with any development process, unforeseen delays can (and in my case - always) occur.

And while we talk about forum successes, triadink, how is FreelanceFirst doing?
It has been 2 years, there are no excuses!

As far as freelancefirst i sold it on flippa long ago LOL so your plug has no meaning to me whatever your intentions. There is also a difference in a startup forum and a forum that already had a huge member base that you managed to lose.

I had offered my thoughts in the past so don't say I only give criticism...and criticism is given where it is deserved and should serve as motivation for you to do something other than point the finger at me for being disruptive.

You can make excuse after excuse but it would take 2 days max to port that theme into vbulletin, you have waited so long now that that design is out of style with design today. It is not only the design its the fact nothing here has changed since the day you purchased tf except change of ownership, mods, google ads placed for your benefit and the decline of members.

Now tell me there is no truth to what I am saying! You have been kicking rocks around for 2 years and when brought to attention you speak a big game and say things are going to happen then it all dies out again.

There is really no use in saying anything is there? you will just make more excuse or more promises that never materialize.