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12-24-2009, 01:58 AM
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  Old  Talkfreelance Upgrades

As you may have noticed, Talkfreelance recently had some downtime. This downtime was for some major software upgrades that are now complete. Along with software changes, some modifications to the rules have also taken place to stay current with all features.

The first and foremost upgrade is the vBulletin software. We have upgraded form the much older 3.6.8 to the newest stable version (3.8.4). This introduces many features that previously were not available such as image galleries and social groups. The only feature that we have turned off is thread tagging; we are open to turning it on if people want it. For a complete listing of changes for 3.7 and 3.8, go to! and

We have also added a new addon to the forum. We decided that the Post Thanks Hack would be a worthwhile modification. Basically, when you see a post that has helped you, you can click the “thanks” button instead of posting a small message.

There have also been some changes regarding styles. We have upgraded the Talkfreelance default skin to the new version, but are still waiting for the blue/green version to be completed. We will add the variants to the talkfreelance style as soon as possible. We have also added a mobile skin to allow for easy browsing from iPhones and other cell phones.

Finally, some new rules are in place to govern the new features we have:

Image Gallery: All images put in the image gallery must follow the same rules as posting the image in a thread. Forbidden content includes (but is not limited to) sexual content, blatant advertising and obscenities.
Penalty: Same as posting in thread.

Social groups: As the name might imply, are social tools and not advertising methods. Groups that are made clearly to promote your business are not allowed.
Penalty: 3 points.

Public messaging: All public messages must follow Talkfreelance’s forum guidelines for posting in threads. Along with this, accusations of scamming (this includes “you are late, where is my design”) and transaction reviews are absolutely forbidden. We have a trader rating system and this is not a replacement for it.
Penalty: Same as posting in thread, 3 if scamming accusation.

We would also like to take time to emphasize the iTrader rating system. Since we do not allow critique of sellers in the marketplace, this is where you can leave your review for everyone to see. This works almost identically to eBay where you can leave a positive or negative review about the seller (or buyer). We have noticed that many people have complained about their transactions without leaving one of these, this is your recommendation or warning that will stick with the user wherever they go. iTrader ratings can be found on the user’s profile and on the left of their posts right under their post count. Clicking on the number under their post count will take you to a page that displays all their ratings. You can add a rating on that page.

We are still open to suggestions for additions to the forum software. You can post what you think would be a good addition here.

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