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08-05-2010, 01:19 AM
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  Old  Looking for feedback re: the use of high-res layered art in a browser-based game

I'm currently in the process of designing art assets for a browser-based game. However, I need some input from an experienced coder or programmer before continuing.

My concept would incorporate the use of a character editor, which would allow you to mix and match static 2D illustrations via a variety of layers including hair, skin tone, tattoos, clothing, etc. Some of these layers are partially transparent. I'm looking for a high level of quality in the artwork, and I would want to be able to display the characters at a size larger than the usual thumbnail approach.

In my interactions years back with another coder, we successfully tested something similar using GIFs and PNGs, but the quality was always a little low and there were some concerns about processing speed and whether more than a handful of users would be able to actively use such a system at once without crashing the whole thing due to processing load.

It's been a long time since I've addressed the subject, and I've realized technology has changed a lot. I'm hoping it's feasible to create such a game without prohibitive cost or programming resources and be able to use high-quality layered artwork without resorting to smaller pixelated files.

If anyone has any insight and would be willing to help me out, I could really use the advice at this stage of the process. Assuming the concept is feasible, it won't be too much longer before I'm ready to outlay some cash for a possible mock-up and some other programming resources. I can be reached at, and I'll also be monitoring this board for any responses. If there are already FAQs addressing this subject, I apologize for the rehash but I'm new to the board and wasn't able to find anything relevant.

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