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09-05-2010, 06:28 PM
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For some portfolios that rely 100% on JS they can simply ignore non JS support but, a lot of the time it's not the case. For example, someone is using JS to hide and show different parts of the same page... there is NO excuse for them to not make the page fully display when JS is turned off and then use anchor tags for navigation.
What you wrote applys to any website.

The second point is not valid much either since they would still be downloading, and if you've looked at a few of the portfolio's they contain a few mb's of data which is outrageous even if you load only parts of it at a time.
Repetitiveness. This be the same with any website, not just '1 page portfolios'.

You cant logically reason that one page websites are partially bad when the same reasoning can be said towards any website.

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