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03-15-2010, 10:19 PM
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I thought I would share some of the information about our new server that Conor just shared with the staff:

One of the big issues that everyone gets concerned about is the power of the server and the stability of the network.

The server that we're using for is as follows:

Intel Xeon 3210 (Quad Core 2.1Ghz)
4 GB Memory
Dual 146GB 10K RPM SCSI drives

One of the extra bonus factors that we provide on the dedicated servers we operate is that we utilize r1Soft Backup on the servers on an hourly basis for both files & database stored at a different datacenter.

The advantage with the system is that we can extract a single file, an entire directory or a single table or entire database if from any of those time periods. This gives us a little extra redundancy.

We've all seen servers crash in years past. Many of us I"m sure have seen some large forums go dead overnight due to a server crash and the owners failed to make backups (or verify backups).

The goal is not to have that happen here with TF.
As I just told Conor, it is amazing what difference the right web hosting partner can do. Ever since we started working together, I was able to fully focus on development programs and marketing for the websites I operate instead of worrying about downtime, speed, backups or anything else. In that retrospect, the team at has been instrumental in the growth and success of sites I manage.

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