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01-23-2011, 09:07 PM
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  Old  Looking for a Banner Designer

I am looking for a creative and a reliable banner designer with track record who I can partner-up with for [potentially] a very long time.

Unfortunately, I cannot predict on how popular my idea will turn out, whether we are talking about 5 orders per day or 5 per month, but I want to give this a shot as there is nothing to lose and everything to gain! Over the years of running, I have served few hundred of clients and I continue to receive emails from web hosting providers daily. As value-added, I wanted to expand the service to offering them banner designs as well. This is where the designer comes in.

The work will be conducted exclusively under the brand. I will promote the service to my clients through the forum as well as in every requested media kit sent out to potential new clients.

If you are interested in this partnership, please contact me directly at artashes *at* with the following:

1. Portfolio.
2. Set price per banner that you are willing to accept. Types of banners you can design: standard formats, custom size, peel-away, etc.
3. Quantity. How many banners you can comfortable design per day.
4. Delivery. How much time do you need to comfortably deliver the banner from the point of order.
5. Any terms regarding the work process (revisions? etc) that you usually offer your clients.

I want to make the process as easy and as transparent enough so that the designer is just as happy with the results as me. Web hosting industry is large and competitive enough to generate an attractive and a positive outcome if the service provided stands out in quality.

At this point I am not sure whether I need one or more designers, but I want to speak and consider as many people as possible who have been doing banner design for a while to see who can make the best looking banners efficiently and at a price point that makes sense.