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03-17-2010, 01:02 AM
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BlogSense 4.0 Release Announcement

Very pleased to announce the largest and best BlogSense update yet, where many new features and improvements have been added as well as feature requests answered. There is quite a bit of information to go over so bare with me read every bit so you have a good understand of the new changes.


  • Completely rebuilt Yahoo Answers module to improve search result quality management
As many of you may already know, the Yahoo Answers Module was a wild performer, often giving broad results for search terms even when you were using exclude keywords. This problem has been solved by including the ability to narrow results by : category, target region, date range, as well as limiting search results and sorting by relevance or date.
  • Completely rebuilt Youtube & Hulu Module, changing it into Video Module
This time around we got rid of the feed based youtube search and plugged BlogSense directly into Youtube’s API, allowing for searches by keyword. This has improved the quality of search results.

Youtube video descriptions are now optional, and when include will been formatted to sit under the video with the video thumbnail floating to the right. Looks pretty sharp. Special css class has added for further customization if user desires.
  • ALL campaigns now have the option to be temporarily disabled and re-enabled.
  • Tagging system improved
You can now create a custom tag database to assign tags to posts. Import a comma delimited batch of tags into the appropriate area, and BlogSense will select a random number of random tags that you specify and assign them to the post.

Also added capability to use already established WP Tag Database as a custom tag database. BlogSense will select tags already in wordpress at random and assign them to posts.

Also, useless tag filtering has been improved for the titles-to-tags method of tagging.
  • Logout Button Added.

  • Added improved interface to Articles Module for easier browsing and editing (Now Sources Module)
  • RSS Module & Articles Module(Sources Module) : Improved post scheduling options to allow up to 20 days per post.
  • Added capability to add and remove categories to items in-sourced from Articles Module (Sources Module)
  • Added TinyURL url shortening to Twitter Posting due to random failings of shortner.
  • Added capability to preview how a video campaign will work, just like RSS and Yahoo Answers Module.
  • Improved the way BlogSense is upgraded to newer versions
  • Changed Spyntax requirements to accept industry standard spyntax. (Spyntax can go into infinite levels)
{word1|word2|word3} rather than [word1|word2|word3]

Also improved the code to spin spyntax’d articles for faster output.


  • Index Spy
This little module is in the wordpress section of BlogSense, and was designed to give you the heads up on what pages of yours are indexed in google, and which pages are unindexed. Use this information to better promote your blog and expect some cool things to be done with this feature in the future.
  • Content Hooks
This is the probably the strongest addition to BlogSense. Content hooks will allow you to attach random images and youtube videos into your header and footer profile Blocks.

There is no limit to how many hooks you can add, allowing you to create mix and match profiles to attach to other content campaigns.

  • Articles Module becomes Sources Module
Now you can easily manage all article source locations from once central management window, changing and saving scrape settings. You can even ADD YOUR OWN sources, declaring what parameters you want to use to scrape this particular location with. If the location has a commenting system with active comments, you can even set parameters to scrape those as well.

This was just a briefing of what is new . Expect video tutorials on all new features as soon as possible. It’s been a long month of developing and believe me there is already more to do to keep BlogSense a front runner of Wordpress automation platforms.


You are welcome to trial this product for a month for only 10.00, and remain on that payment plan as long as you like. Or you can PM me to receive a 35.00 discount off the sales page price (110.00 after discount), but we recommend trialing the software before purchasing. Permanent members will always have access to the private forums as well as free updates and discounts on all other products developed by nohat labs.

We want you to know its our goal and bloodline to keep BlogSense a highly relevant and useful toolset that you will be there when you need it most, time and time again. I look forward to your questions, PMs, and reviews (Be sure to post back here and let others know what you think!)


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