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03-23-2010, 03:06 AM
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BlogSense 4.2.4 Release Announcement

It’s been about a week since the release of 4.0.beta, and we’ve worked together and weeded out a couple of small bugs, as well as added some new features. Lets take a look:

  • Regex Search & Replace functions for Sources Module

Before when working with the Sources module, advanced setting were available that allowed you to alter the scrape parameters for the selected source, and add a list of search and replace commands on top of the content you discovered. We took the ladder(String Searching and Replacement commands) and changed it to Regex Search and Replace commands, so you now have the capability to perform even more complex content manipulations on your content. I’ll admit, regex(regular expression) commands are complicated. But sometimes they are the only solution to cleaning out unwanted elements in your scraped content.

A PDF on how to work with regex has been included/embedded in the relevant  areas. Just as before, you will have the option to add search and replace functions directly within the article search’s advanced setting’s section, or you can add them permanently by going into your source management section and altering the parameters there.

And note:… if you have a question on how to write the regex code that will do exactly what you need… take it to StackOverflow : D . Really! they’ll know exactly what commands to run to achieve your desired results.
  • IndexSpy 1.0 becomes IndexSpy 1.5

IndexSpy was never really meant to rest as is. Organizing data like that screams to have advanced functionality developed into it, and thats just what we have done.

You can now select pages, individually or sporadically, and export them as rss feeds. For Example: 20 pages indexed, 5 pages unindexed. Sort pages by index result, manually select the 5 unindexed articles, and export as rss. You now have a customized rss feed for rss submission.

That wraps up feature additions. Still more on the development list so keep a lookout!

  • 1 post per day , post frequency option did not want to stick. Fixed.
  • In attempting to save images to same server, some sources with .org,.net,.gov,.edu domain endings would not transfer over. Fixed issue
  • Fixed image with occasional youtube thumbnail not saving on same server correctly.
  • Fixed issue with select items not displaying correct values in Google Chrome.


You are welcome to trial this product for a month for only 10.00, and remain on that payment plan as long as you like. Or you can PM me to receive a 35.00 discount off the sales page price (110.00 after discount), but we recommend trialing the software before purchasing. Permanent members will always have access to the private forums as well as free updates and discounts on all other products developed by nohat labs.

And as always, look forward to your questions, PMs, and reviews.


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