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10-04-2010, 06:45 PM
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We can now select the date we want to begin backdating from.

We can now limit which campaigns are bookmarked by BlogSense. For example, if you want a campaign to only post to twitter, then you can set it up that way. Likewise you can completely have campaigns omitted from any bookmarking.
Sometimes you might want to control the quality of the content announced to your social services. You might do this to improve your readership, acquire and retain more followers, or even to decease the chances of having accounts disabled due to overuse and clutter.

Custom Fields
Custom fields are now editable directly within the campaign rather than as a global setting, and in addition we also can use the second image url found in the post as a value or a custom value of your choice.

3rd Party Software Integration & Other Post Templating Improvements
BlogSense’s templating system has now shortcode creation wizards for WP Robot and WP Mage. So if you own these softwares then you can now use the power of their automated content.
BlogSense supports short-code creation wizards for WP Robot, WP Mage, phpZon, and phpBay.
In addition I changed two of the pre-included variables: %tag_1% and %tag_2% became %tag_title% and %tag_postbody%. These variables use the Yahoo Terms API to generate a tag phrase from the title of the post and from the content of the post.
Also the variable %campaign_name% has been added, which will call the name of the campaign.

Improved Spin Database
In a joint effort to improve BlogSense spinning capabilities, a couple of colleagues donated word-token databases from their personal collection for BlogSense possible use.
After manually reviewing the 3 databases I picked the best looking one and integrated it with BlogSense. I’m looking forward to your feedback on how this affects the overall experience.

Remember, there is a setting in your ‘Global Settings’ area that if set can allow you to replace synonyms as well. The default setting only replaces phrases.

Improved Campaign Creation Interface
Just some touch ups to make it more organized and look pretty;

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