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07-15-2010, 06:48 PM
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Originally Posted by Jordan View Post
Glad I'm not the only one.

I'd say touche but you actually purchased this from a sale so I'd say that it's slightly different.

How do you even pick them when they're not even active then? That's what you're not explaining to people here. That's great you think they've got the expertise but.. are you wading through posts from 3 years ago to find these people? You always seem to mention how LONG they've been here when you've announced mods too.

You actually haven't been active here since 2007. Salathe's graph shows that you've had bare minimal activity in 2008. Three posts in 2009... I'd say your "within the past year" is far understated. Which again brings me to the point of how random it is selecting you to be a mod.

That's fantastic that you've grown so much over the years.. but so has almost everyone else. If we're going to do prove our worth as you've doneat then I started my own small business in 2005 and each year I've doubled my profits.. I also have several other successful projects that bring in income.. So what now?


It might just be me that believes this but a moderator shouldn't be someone who's been here x amount of years. It should be someone who's been reporting threads/posts all the time, someone who's been helpful in threads as much as they can possibly be.. Essentially someone who's continually been here at TFL over the years. Not someone who WAS.

I quoted the 2nd one from the other mod thread which I'm fine with both picks (although still was uneasy with Gatt.) The only issue I have here is just Catalyst.
ok , it's not like that .. for example if you offered me your services , why would I say no ?

it's the same here , if someone goes to the owner and tell him I will make some improvements in the forum ... he won't say no in most cases ..

it's the same with me . i've told the owner of the other forum that I would make some improvements , he called me and we talked , then he put me as an administrator .. and lots of members objected that . but later no one said anything .

I vote for jordan to be a mod

Edit : and btw , I have something like 50 posts only in the public forums forum , but in the mods section i have like 700 posts.