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04-23-2013, 02:46 AM
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  Old  Is it wise to refuse post count raising in specific forums?

I forget now which forums here didn't count towards a user's post count? But I noticed some Admin Forums lately, where they have Member Introductions and General Discussion sections set, that any posts made in those sections won't raise your post count...

Do you think that is a wise thing to do? IMHO, I think it should count if posting in Member Introduction and General Discussion sections, because at least the members are taking the time to introduce themselves and create discussion topics. However, at the same time, too many can post there just to post bomb those sections, to get more "points" and "post count" up higher.

Posting Intros and General Discussions aren't usually "high quality / worthy" content for a forum. But, I guess some are though too, what's your take?

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