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07-11-2010, 04:52 PM
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  Old  How to give constructive criticism

This area of the forum is for people to show case their designs and receive feedback, however what has come to my attention recently is many people give very brief and unhelpful comments which do not help the designer actually further improve their design So here is an example on how to give constructive criticism to help give more detailed feedback. (Credit to qcssoft)

This is the kind of comment we are trying to avoid
"nice logo but i dont like the text"

Whereas we should look to give them some good comments, some bad comments then say what should be improved.

"I like the design especially the 'A' part, that part actually looks great but I think the orange area isn't needed and it would look better and more sleek without it. I would also like to add how the text you've used for Android just doesn't look professional in my view, try something more like the font Arial and remove the darker shade of grey on the top of the text."

Hope that helps you distinguish between constructive criticism and a brief post which won't help the designer.