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05-08-2012, 02:46 AM
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Originally Posted by BeNzY View Post
It is very displeasing to see all of the above comments. This forum has taken a hit over the years, this is exactly why it has. Due to members with mouths of controversy, which imply some pending "wrong doing."

I've heard the site was sold once or twice along the way, therefore I was not sure who the owner or operator was anymore. That is the reason for my request. I am a professional business consultant who was going to lend my experience "FREE" to this site. I will be heavily rethinking my concerted efforts to bring this site to what is has the potential of being once again.

@Jack - Your suggestion of being "sneaky" goes to make you look like a fool. The opposite was true. Please grow up and stop assuming you know what a person is thinking, for which you have never met or spoken to.

@Sam - I am offering some free help that will greatly impact this site in a great way. I will not put time or effort into anything that does not share the importance as I do. My time is very valuable, stop assuming anything. Either help answer the question or don't post anything. I don't understand why people will type just to type. Make a valid point for starters. Who care's why or when I need to speak with the owner or operator. I have suggestions and feedback which will remain private until the owner or operator decides to share.

@Artashes - I received no PM at all. Please review your pm went to the proper member.

I truly hope that you members learn from post's like this. This should not be tolerated on these forums. Either lend some "good" suggestive advice when requested, or select to not say anything at all. Assumptions are rude, along with the attitude in the above posts. Shameful, that's all it is to you and this site.

Also, this.