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09-28-2009, 08:07 PM
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rahahm33, it's going to be broader though. There's a few open job spots, and I believe the majority wants to see Village Genius made an Admin.

I didn't even cast myself a vote to be (spam control) moderator. I used my vote for Village Genius for Admin. However, I didn't know it was only a single voting deal either. >_< Ah well.

Village Genius - Admin
Garyrae - Admin / Moderator
CPR - Moderator
Sam Granger - Moderator
seb - Moderator
getrefreshed - Moderator
Spencerp (myself) - Moderator / Spam Control (HATES spam)

That's my votes. Of course, there could be a couple others, and of course the group could handle more grounds, instead of just a few select forums.