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09-26-2011, 02:23 AM
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  Old  Wildhoney Special: Any PSD into Strict HTML in 24 Hours for $50

Gather around amigos! To the first three people, I am offering to HTML any* PSD. It will pass the W3C HTML test in Strict mode, and it will be complete within 24 hours - but please don't fetch the noose if I'm an hour overdue.

Lovely! What do I do?
If you can stop being frugal for just a moment, sign into your PayPal account, and send $50 - for those wanting to pay in magic beans, please be advised that sadly it's not legal currency at the moment, to my email address.
PayPal Address: adam.timberlake [at]
Once you've sent the payment off into the big blue yonder, send your PSD - along with the PayPal transaction ID to avoid confusion, to the same address you sent the moola to. Then, as if by magic, I will send back your HTML'd PSD, along with a screenshot of it passing the W3C test in Strict mode.

After you've made the payment, just post a little reply below, so that people can see when three people have applied.

So why am I doing it?
I could offer a million answers - all false. The truth is that I'm a bad pers... Oh, sorry, that's a quote from Trainspotting. I could give you some soppy, sentimen... Okay, I shall! Since it is the truth. TalkFreelance used to be my home, and I met lots of nice, genuine people here. I simply wish to give something back to the community.

Will I be doing it again?
It all depends on the frequency of my suicidal ideas. In all likeliness, depending on its success and one or two other variables, I will do this one day a week.

Do you do side orders?
Unfortunately my soup kitchen was closed down by the health inspectors. However, if you're looking for some little additions to your HTML, I can code in just about anything you like. Although I'd prefer to stick to JavaScript, and leave PHP alone, since I want to keep things simple.

* As long as you don't take the biscuit.