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08-04-2010, 01:49 AM
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8/1/2010 UPDATES

(BlogSense) – Prices have increased.

(Campaign Creation) – Mass campaign creation
has been added to the sources module and the video module.

(Post Editing) – Mass search and replace
feature has been added, which will allow you to search for a string in
all your published posts and replace it with a replacement string.

(Post Editing) – Mass Title and Term
editing. In this feature you can sort through your posts, and can
quickly edit titles and tags. Here’s a video demoing these two
features: YouTube - Autoblogging - Mass Search & Replace on Wordpress Posts - BlogSense

(Auto Tagging) All the time I’m weeding out
trashable tags to make the auto-tagging better. If you see some
trash-worthy tags in your posts and would like me to remove them you
can make a request on this thread:
BlogSense Commnity • View topic - Auto Tagging Improvement Request Here

(Tagging) Added new setting to auto tagging
that, if turned on, will take the generated tags and make typos out of
them, adding the typo to the tags as well. In this video this feature
is demonstrated and we go over how and when this feature might come in
handy: YouTube - AutoBlogger Wordpress - Adding Typos to Tags - BlogSense

(TITLE TEMPLATES) – I’ve been reading over
at the Autoblog Blue print and I’m finding out how important it is to
alter your titles when re-distributing unoriginal content. Another
BlogSense member and I talked it over and we decided that the a title
template system that supports spyntax was a must have feature. Here’s a
video demonstration: TechSmith |, online video sharing, 2010-07-30_1130

(Blocked Urls) – We now have the ability to
manually edit our blocked url list.

(Bookmarking) – You can now limit the
amounts of posts scheduled to bookmark by setting a percentage.
BlogSense will randomize the post ids, then take the percentage, and
then clip off the disposable posts.

(Keyword Alterations) There is now the
option to mass apply keyword alteration profiles to all posts in your
database. This is for posts that were published before a keyword
alteration profile existed. All posts published while a profile is
active will automatically be affected.
TechSmith |, online video sharing, 2010-07-30_1145

(Database Changes) On advice of a user, data
is no longer being stored in the wp_options table to save speed.

(Bug) – Fixed autotagging issue with solo run

(Improvement) – Amazon Image Links now have
target=_blank added to them.

(Bug) – Javascript code was making it
through on post content, this has been eliminated

(Improvement) – ShareThis type bookmarking
code is now auto-removed in some circumstances

Improved Robots.txt

Can now edit license information (For
developers/flippers who will buy single site licenses)


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