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05-11-2012, 06:16 PM
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anything *can* be taught, it's just a question of how well you can relate to the material and understand it. you can teach yourself design the same you can teach a child lettuce tastes good, or better, the same way you can teach a teenager that beer tastes good.

strict design theory: form, contrast, shape, shade etc, can be taught with relative ease. think of it like math in school. the trick and what makes someone a "good" designer and one who "can't do it to save their life" is how they apply the theory. just because you know what kerning is doesn't mean you will make a great design piece. just knowing what kerning is won't make your design good or effective, how you use it will. if you're message is the important of good design, you could intentionally kern things badly to create discourse in your design to get your point across. it's much like music and creating mood. think of any movie trailer where they intentionally switch the music up to completely change the mood and perception of what's happening. technically that's good design, because the trailer was designed to do that, and instead of kerning, they used music.

imo "design" is just a part of story telling, and "designing" is just telling it through a visual medium. my philosophy is design just just another tool set for ultimately telling a story.