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10-05-2009, 10:11 AM
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Originally Posted by Salathe View Post
Interesting concept, but I would have a few concerns. How would the OP and bidder communicate to each other if the bidder cannot see replies? How would bidders follow the progress of an auction and bid that little bit extra to become top of the list again?

The only time that people shouldn't bid more is if someone has already made a BIN offer on an item so I'm not sure where the "already taken the sale" is coming from.
In light of the new staff and recent changes. While it's still the rule yet, and my personal feeling, I think from here on out this should be reinforced and handled with an iron fist. I know everyone feels a need to give props/praise to a seller, but it's hypocrite to punish those bashing sales, but allowing praises and props.

The rule is clearly stated, Rule #3 under the rules for the markeplace, that there shouldn't be any conversation within sale threads. It only clutters the sale, and then everyone has to dig/wade through "praises / props" to find their answer.

Praises and props to users DO help though, it helps their sales, but yet on the other hand, it slows down the sales because people have to wade through frivolous stuff to find what they're looking for, the actual sale progress itself. I know it's tempting to reply with fluffy nice replies, but it would be pointless, because they'll be removed anyway. However, each moderator can handle this accordingly and some might let them slip by... But I won't. Not trying to be a ****, but rules are rules.

Going along with that, remember everyone should post the correct sale threads, in the correct forums. Anything with a BIN $100.00 or ABOVE, is allowed in the Premium forum, anything with a BIN $100 or LOWER should go in the Budget forum. Any thread containing more then one item, but holding a bin of $100 or lower, should still go in the Budget forums. Groups of designs for sale within a thread, all with BINS $100 or higher, are allowed in the Premium forum.

There's a Private Message function for anyone to use, regarding possible rip-offs, theft, praises, bashing, arguments and etc. Anything else can be reported, using the report feature.

Note: It's a one point infraction for fluffy / props or bashing posts in marketplace.