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02-25-2010, 08:56 PM
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  Old  Starting your first website!

In this article Iím going to explain how to start up your first website. Whether its a blog, forum, or just a personal website. You donít need much experience; you need dedication. I remember some odd years ago visiting a site that was terrible looking; and three years later it is one of the best looking sites Iíve seen. Anyways onto the point of this article.

What you will need:
- A Domain Name
- Web hosting
- A template for your website
- Time and dedication

Domain Name
A domain name is the website you type in the address bar to go to the page your looking for. Its pretty simple to get your domain name Ė on average they go for about $8-10, When choosing a domain name you should make sure its relevant to your website. You wouldnít have a forum about apples and call it would you? A good domain register company would be Go Daddy.

Web Hosting
Choosing your hosting provider is a very crucial part when it comes to setting up your website. Simply because you want to get the best quality as well as the best bang for your bucks. You donít want your pages loading incredibly slow do you? I hope not; because I know if I ever went to a website for the first time and it was slow I hit the back button and went to a different website. Also, take into mind how much storage and bandwidth youíll need; At first this wonít be much but as your site grows you might need more. People spend thousands of dollars on web hosting; your first web hosting should cost about $10. A great web hosting company is Host Gator. Use code hgc25 to get your first month for $0.01. If you donít wish to invest money you can find lots of free web hosts out there!

If you do not have the money to hire someone to design and code your template there are many free templates you can find across the web. I have some available for download here. Only thing we ask is that you do not remove the copyright link to my site. If you want to attempt to design your own template visit Adobe and find Photoshop CS4 (You can use the trial for 30 days). Good luck to you guys on this part

Time / Dedication
Here is what I learned in all my years of web development. You need to be patient; your website cant grow to thousands of hits a day in a week. If you have a interesting site with lots of good information, and something that no other website has, give it a year and donít give up! Submit your website to search engines, make a signature on forums you use, talk to other topic related sites in sharing advertisement for each other. Stick at it you can do it!

Blogger Ė Start your own blog for free. Hosted by google Ė so you know its good!
Free Forums Ė Get your free phpBB forum. One of the best sites I know for free forums.
Free Templates Ė This is a website with hundreds of free templates for you to chose from.
Free Hosting Ė Good website for free decent hosting.

This concludes my article about starting your first website. If you need any help feel free to comment and I will point you into the right direction.

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