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07-15-2010, 01:33 PM
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Originally Posted by Jordan View Post
Artashes, how the hell are you picking these moderators? Are you just randomly going through old members or what? Catalyst has barely posted at TFL in the last two years. I see some posts in June, that's nice. But before that was February.. then THREE posts in 2009 and some activity for 2008.

I'm all for "been in the community for years" but picking members that I rarely see contributing over the last few years makes no sense whatsoever.

Jordan, I understand your point, but I assure you that I am a perfect fit for this position. If I am able to help with the ongoing development and quality of this community, I will do so by any means in my skill set.

From what a couple of you have noticed already, my activity within the past year or so haven't been noteworthy, but I dedicated the time in my own professional life to become a full-time User Experience Designer for a top software design and development company. Doing this enabled me to open up to a tremendous amount of new information in relation to pure visual design, user interface interaction, and grasp concepts from the most up-to-date techniques on design/development in the industry. My knowledge combined with the professionalism that I have developed over the last couple years will enable me to walk into this thread and safely say that my activity is not of concern and that skill prevails.

I see your point that being active could potentially create a "better staff member," but I assure you that Artashes is doing the right thing in selecting the people with the clear area of expertise and knowledge in their field that will carry over into helping this community prosper, more than just what's displayed in my post activity.

Thanks for the warm welcome everyone.

-- Catalyst