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10-06-2009, 04:55 PM
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Originally Posted by CS-Steve View Post
no offense spencer but how many times have you posted in the market place something along these lines.

"nice design too bad I don't have any money because I spent it on rum LOL"

if your going to enforce these rules then you should abide by them.
I know I had done it BEFORE. Have I posted fluff since becoming moderator though? Nope. Besides that, I even went through the more recent posts, and some older posts, cleaning up older fluff, including my own. Going along with that remark, I've been given infractions for what fluff I had added before as well.

So it's not like I got off Scott-Free or anything. Everyone did post fluff before, but with the new staff team now, and changes being made, it's got to stop though. Rules were made for a reason. Just before, there wasn't that many active moderators to enforce the rules. Or they just didn't want to really bother with it. I don't know.