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08-09-2010, 03:05 AM
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Originally Posted by Salathe View Post
Hi otherworlder, first of all welcome to TalkFreelance. You haven't really asked a question so I'm not quite sure what you're wanting to hear. The idea sounds fine and achievable, even if you really want to town on the details of the illustration.

Are there any particular thoughts, troubles or areas that you would like to get come discussion on in detail?

My sincere thanks for the response, I've been away on a trip to Vegas and was happy to see it upon my return!

I'm a bit ignorant on the programming side of browser game design, and my overall concept called for a good amount of high-detail 2d art (I'm a freelance illustrator by profession, and accustomed to doing my own designs). However, I just wasn't sure if things like high quality images with transparent or partially transparent layers were achievable these days in a browser based game-----to put it another way, you've already answered my basic question.

Now that I know it's feasible, I'm going to continue preparing the art assets and finishing up other elements of the design process before reaching out for specifics and/or looking for bidders. With a little luck that won't be too long.

I guess my only specific question at this stage would be as follows:

When illustrating and preparing my digital art files, should I be saving them in any particular resolution / file format to make future use by a coder/programmer easier? These would be strictly 2d photoshop images, along the lines of character templates with numerous selectable layers for clothing, tattoos, hairstyles, etc. Some of these layers (like the tattoos) are partially transparent.

Let me know if that question makes any sense or if some clarification is needed. Otherwise, I'll keep plugging away at the project and be back here when I'm prepared to outlay some cash to one or more of you clever folks in order to start getting the coding and site off the ground.

Thanks again!

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