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08-23-2011, 08:06 PM
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  Old  Real Bid System, RBS 1.6 Help Requested!

I downloaded the most recent version of RBS that I could find which was version 1.6 yet it appears that the readme file that came with it is outdated by a few versions.

I installed the script completely yet am unsure of what my admin username and password are. I tried some of my best guesses including the database name and password but no luck.

I have attempted to contact support multiple times and had no success...

If anyone could tell me what to do after install that would be great. I am unsure whether or not to delete the install folder, rename it or if I need to edit the files in there...Or if anyone has a copy of the readme file for version 1.6 that would be a great help to. (that is if one even exists)