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10-30-2009, 08:29 AM
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Originally Posted by Sam Granger View Post
Any revenue details?
Extreamly little at the moment Sam, as you know the site is not monetized other than the top add banner (which is not visible on the TF skin most users use ) and the side banner which most users will have hidden. Last months Adsense was only $90.

If I had the time, then I would think that one of the most profitable and easy revenue stream's would be to get a quality monthly (or bi-weekly) newsletter going. Contact some companies that are relevant to the TF audience and offer them a promotional sponsorship rate of say just 1c per email sent. If you got 10 sponsers this would generate approx $2,300 per newsletter, (based on the 23,000 registered users).

Off my head I think 1c/email is very low (I pay approx 20c/email for a similar thing for promoting my main business unrelated to TF to a highly targetted audience). I would suggest anyone serious about purchase would do some homework and contact some forums of similar niche and ask them how much they charge for sponsorship of their newsletter, then work out the figures.

The reason I like the newsletter is that its also adding value to the user, creates more noise, brings the user back to the forum, increases membership, which then increases possible revenue and its therefore self perpetuating. It's also dead easy to do, so it would be a very quick win for little work.

That would probably be my number 1, but there are aboviously loads of other things that could be done with a little bit of work.