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08-29-2012, 09:33 PM
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  Old, a new way to simply share files


After a lot of work, I'm proud to show my first real "startup idea". allows users to upload files up to 2GB (soon to be 8GB) and share them with others. offers the regular file for download, and also if possible, an alternative preview version, so users can view files on their iPad for example.

PSD files get converted to PNG AVI, WMV etc... to MP4 EPS/AI to PDF DOC(X), PPT(X) etc... to PDF

This is a sneak preview, and is not 100% complete.

Things I still have on my ToDo list:

Allow users to email link to others, currently they have to copy/paste (not clear for non-tech people).

Add a convert in progress with ETA for preview files. At the moment, a preview button will only be shown when a preview file is available/convert is complete.

Add the ability to pause/resume uploads.

Add warning when files above 2GB are added to the list.

MP4 files can currently only be played in Safari & iPad. This should be resolved within the next few days.

Possibly convert other filetypes too, any suggestions?

Note: This is a one man show, I designed & programmed everything myself, with the exception of the background image. I'm more of a programmer though than a designer.

My current expenses: .io domain: $100 ( & background image: $2 (Graphic River), Total: $102 is currently running on one dedicated server. I will be getting new strong servers after the Alpha stage.

All feedback & criticism is appreciated. I have only tested this in Firefox, Chrome & Safari on the Mac, so if there are any render issues, please link a screenshot to me, or send an email to

I have also posted this on HN, some feedback from others can be seen here: