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09-04-2012, 08:04 PM
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Sam, love the site and the presentation. Good job.

A few of things:

1. I'd cut the time that it takes to go through file upload in half by eliminating the step that gets you to a page to just inform the person the file was attached: "Whooohooo, your files have been attached!" page. It is an unnecessary step, so minimize the number of clicks it takes.

2. Add some kind of notice to when the file upload reaches 100% to inform the user the site is redirecting them. I uploaded a small graphic and it took a few seconds before I was redirected, so I started to click around before it happened, not knowing whether I had to click somewhere.

3. Introduce encryption and security of some kind. For those transferring sensitive files, it will add to their peace of mind to know their files are safe (and inform people how they are handled: how long they are kept on the server, etc).

4. Make sure all kinds of licensing is proper (conversions to PDFs, etc).

5. To minimize abuse, I'd suggest blocking it in certain geographical locations.

These kind of sites will pick up quickly, however, the challenge is to make money on them.

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