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11-23-2012, 11:07 PM
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I've not really looked into the integration between IP.Board and WordPress as I typically don't use the user system in WordPress for anything other than my own personal use.

However, a quick search led me to [ ] which has an extension available for about $170 USD... Personally, I'd probably end up coding it myself if I needed something like that. IP.Board and WordPress both make it fairly easy to hook into their user functions.

There is also [ this hook ] which notes a possible security issue. It'd be worth looking into though. I'm not sure if it supports single registration between the two systems or not.

And yes, that's the difference between IP.Board and vBulletin. IP.Board has a very well structured and organized code base which allows them to continually extend and improve upon their existing software. I've been following IP.Board since the early days when it was still free to use and I've not seen anything but solid improvements come from their developers.