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11-07-2012, 01:53 PM
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Originally Posted by Artashes View Post
Go ahead. Make sure to ask them to give you unlimited space and bandwidth.

I agree with Artashes,

If you are going to sign up with them, and take out there "Unlimited" hosting plan then I suggest (well, your silly if you don't) you read ALL of their Terms of Service Agreement, and Fair Usage Policy.

I can guarantee that there is going to be a "catch" con in one of those documents.

My website hosting company, offers unlimited hosting... BUT, it clearly states within the Terms of Service and Fair Usage Policy that we will accommodate an unlimited disk space and bandwidth amount providing that the files stored on the server are your website files, and not something like your computer backup....

... and that is because we are being generous and feel that we should honor the "unlimited" hosting agreement... otherwise, I feel that it would be false advertising, and I disagree with that.

How can you get an unlimited amount? -- I will be honest here, "we" as in the website hosting companies, use the "unlimited" hosting term because it is a good marketing technique.

Anyways, I am not here to promote my services, my signature will do that when I gain the right "access" to have one on the site.

ALSO: The website, where you found the aforementioned website hosting company on is a "review site"... I use quotation marks there, because they are normally biased in what they write about the hosting company, because they have their affiliate link "hidden" away so they earn commission for each sale that they bring to the hosting companies that they discuss.

I have NOT ONCE, seen the name of a website hosting company that does not offer an affiliate program (but is very well respected) on those kind of websites.

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