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04-20-2009, 03:10 AM
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  Old  Ideas for setting up my portfolio site?

I've had my domain since 2006, It's my username on this forum.. Weird name, And not much of a story. Anyways, I run it with Wordpress but right now It's complete crap. I deleted my old site to turn it into my portfolio and never really payed any attention to it and my blogs are basically just random resources I've made in the last week or so, so they don't get much feedback or attention.

I am redoing a template in Photoshop right now, the one I'm currently using is just a free template from (It's very nice though).

Anyways I am looking for some ideas that are creative and out of the box? I want to organize the site so it's into different categories like logos, fonts, vectors, templates but that's another thing. I offer alot of downloadable resources on my site, I've always been into providing resources whether it's free graphics, photoshop brushes, actions, vectors, fonts, blah blah blah. So I have sort of lost my own voice on my site because I don't know which direction to take or how to combine the two.

I would love any suggestions, what have you found that your clients thought was useful when they visited your site? Examples would be great too, I'll be sure to get creative/inspired by them and not copy anyone's work.

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