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01-17-2012, 11:07 AM
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  Old  Custom PayPal form


I'm looking for someone to create a little form which does the following (i'll use sample prices).

The form should have a base cost say 10

Then have 4 or 5 additional options at say 3 which can be selected using select boxes which add to the total cost.

When an option is selected this is totalled and displayed in real time, all this i can do, the bit I need the real help with is adding an input field for users to enter a domain name, this needs to be checked to alert the user if the domain is available or not, if it is then the user has the option to checkout using the paypal "Subscription" button, not the standard checkout button, (there's not much difference aside from values for the subscription period).

So once the user selects subscribe the name of the item should include the name of the item + additional selected options + domain name, and the fee should have calculated the base price + additional selected options.

Ideally it should only allow / .com domains

If anyone can or even fancies creating such a script please let me know your price and if you have a portfolio I'd love to have a browse.