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09-05-2010, 02:24 PM
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@BlaineSch I could not disagree with you more.

The bounce rate on Google Analytics is defined as a user coming to your site, viewing 1 page, and leaving. This measures the "quality" of the user, which is inaccurate with 1 page sites since your bounce rate will always be 100%.

What do you need to improve on your site? Usually I try to improve the pages that are viewed the most which are usually the landing page (index.php) and the portfolio page. But if it's a 1 page site, what exactly are the potential clients looking at? You'll never know with a 1 page design.
Your Analytics argument is silly. If it's such a huge problem for you then write your own stats program that tracks clickage as opposed to pageviews. Regardless of this, I could name several ways to get around your issue. i.e loading page content (contact.php) when in-screen. (analytics will pickup on that.) Heatmaps are also good to show where the user has been looking.

With a page design you also have to very closely watch how many graphics you have. If you have a few graphics for displaying text, one for the "Contact", another for the "About Us", and graphics showing up when you browse your portfolio slideshow you probably are downloading a ton. If the user only wanted to contact you, you've wasted bandwidth, and make it take longer for it to load on his computer which could result in the loss of a customer.
Again. Have the content downloaded when the user is viewing that part of the screen. Technology is there.

Typically if your using a 1 page design it won't work if JS is disabled (A few I have seen worked without JS). Just because the user does not have JS enabled does not mean they are an old browser with no JS support, some users just browse without JS enabled for security reasons. If your site does not contain non-JS support you WILL lose customers which means LOSING MONEY!
Same can be said for any website. 1 page or not. Though my opinion is, if they have JS turned off chances are they're a crummy visitor anyways.

Nice try though. (:

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