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10-23-2009, 04:49 PM
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Originally Posted by Peter Avey View Post
Data protection act in the UK and don't quote me word for word:

You can't move peoples details around, they need your concent, i didnt want my details on your new website (which is why you get tick boxes on online forms). you also should only have data which is needed, as in if you have someone employed and they leave the company you dont need there details so by law you need to get rid of them (i think)

Don't quote me word for word, but someones gone through the DataProtection act with me a few weeks ago and it seems your being abit naughty..
Im no expert on UK law, but I don't think that the data protection act applies to this. No nonpublic personal information is stored here. I don't believe that emails are considered nonpublic personal.