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10-23-2009, 05:08 PM
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Originally Posted by Big Zee View Post
- Maybe you'd benifit from visiting the site to learn something about SEO. If you could damage a site by copying its content and posting it on another site do you not think every man and his dog would do it to his competitiors.

FOR the 5th time - sorry I've lost count now - THE POSTS WILL BE CULLED!!!!!!!!
If I'd been asked if I wanted to join up I probably would have. Instead all my content here has been copied to somewhere else, regardless of whether it'll be deleted or not, without me having any initial say in it.

Seriously Zee, what on earth are you trying to gain here? A forum with many members but few posts does not an impressive site make. A suggestion: instead of doing this, delete this thread, post a new one inviting people to register there. Not only will people be happy to move to a site you've promised to pay plenty of attention to, but you'll get some extra petty cash by selling this site as 110% unique. Probably not anything relatively massive given your career, but at least you'll not be betraying our trust.

If you're still open to debate on this, post a say 2-day poll as for what people want. If people want this to continue, so be it. If not, then don't. That way you're in the right with the majority of the community either way round.