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10-30-2011, 09:53 PM
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  Old  Looking for some quick jobs (web/graphic)

IF INTERESTED: Email Ellionator[at]gmail[dot]com

I am looking for someone who can do design for a professional gaming team. I run a professional Starcraft 2 team which has recently acquired a new sponsor. We are looking for a quality team website designed that is distinctive and elegant. Below are the projects we need done:

1) Website Design:
-We need a team website that lists the roster, streams, results, sponsors, coaching, articles, forum
-An elegant way of presenting our sponsors on every page
-Red, black, and white team colors
-Media buttons. We need a clearly presented twitter, youtube, and facebook button
-A listing of our channel ( chat channel) below the Media buttons
-A news system where we can post updates on the website.
-CMS or backend where we can edit every page and also edit the navigation if possible. We want as much as possible to be simple but still customizable. We dont want to be constrained by code.
-Elegant design with similar features as other pro team websites, but which differs in design. We want a simple design that presents our sponsors and team news in a way that is easy on the eyes. Here are some examples of other team websites:[/url]

and you can google more

2) Logo Design
We are looking for a distinctive logo that people will remember and that will brand our team.
-Team LgN text "Team Legion" somewhere in the banner of the website
-Red, black, and white team colors
-Something we can put on our team jerseys, streams, etc
-Any theme. Either a universal pattern or some sort of mascot type design. We are open to anything.

4) Stream Overlay
Many of our players and casters stream videos to the community. We need a Team LgN overlay for these streams. Something that isn't obstructive but still will bring in some extra traffic to our team.

3) Jersey Design
We recently got funding for new team jerseys (high quality materials), and we would like a designer who can make a design where our sponsors are listed on the back of the shirt, and a rendition of our logo is on the front, or use your creativity and see what we think.

We are hiring for all of these positions. You do not need to do them all, we will hire for each individual project.

PS: our current site is