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03-29-2008, 06:23 PM
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Originally Posted by Racksurfer View Post
Some key things that you may have left out ( which may not be potential information when looking for a reputable host ).

1.) Server Hardware Statistics
2.) Is that server being over-sold and over-loaded with huge ammounts of domains with high traffic. ( ask for some information ; max accounts on server, minium and maximum load averages; Good hosts should have that handy )
3.) Datacenter ( Uplinks & Downlink that are being fed to the node )
4.) Ability to grow beyond just Virtual ( Shared ) Hosting.

I always try to getting those details especially if your on a shared server. Once again, they may not be vital to your choosing, but for me its a must.
I thank you for this and will include these in my next post about hosting but yes, I have already included #4, and #2.

Thanks again for some good constructive criticism.

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