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  Old  Qualities Of a FreeLancer

Qualities of Freelancers

Freelancer is an individual who works for various companies on independently or temporary basis rather than for full time employee. The person can be of any filed like writing, designing, developing, financial etc. In other word we can say that freelancer is an individual self employed person who doesnít work on payroll of the company but works for temporary period or for particular project. Freelancer can work on full time as well as part time for any organization.

If you want to be a successful freelancer than you need to have following qualities:
  • First of all you must be clear about your goal whether you want to go for particular life style, or to focus on any field. You need to decide the target that you want o achieve.
  • You must have a leadership quality in-built as you are your own boss no one is there to guide you. You yourself have to direct a client as and when required.
  • Decision power should be the key factor of yours because he is you only who will decide the things and work according to the priority. You need to understand the impotence of the clients so accordingly you have to delegate the time and work force.
  • If you donít know how to be self motivated individual then forget about freelancing it is not a cup of tea for you.
  • Be ready to bear the financial loses in the initial stage of freelancing because there no security king of thing in this field so need to be the financially strong when you start freelancing.
  • Those individuals who cant accept changes, donít go for this because since you are going to deal with different business units ever time you have maintain the ratio of changes in form of idea. Ex if you are a designer you have to change your ideas according to the clientís requirement you need to be as creative and as simple.
  • Person must be able to make business relationship very easily and to keep the same as well.
  • He must be having the wealth in form of knowledge that how to make the things better than an employee of a particular company can do.
  • Freelancer must be having sense about when his advice is valuable to the client or when not. Sometimes clients leave everything on you to decide what should be work exactly like and sometime he tells you everything what to do and what not. So at that time there is wastage of your advices.
  • Successful freelancer must have an ability to deal with every condition he comes across while finish up with the projects like to bear with nasty behavior of the client any mistakes made by the client etc.
  • Gaffer must be able to search work by himself rather than going for the motto of let the people find him. This way he can get the best opportunities.
  • He must be able to deal with multiple clients at a time. Because you canít wait for completion of one project than search for other and then doing it and so on. After completion of a project of particular client he must maintain a data base of client so he can be in contact with him regularly and that way get business form the same client again and again and donít need to go for searching projects every time.
  • Give a proper costing, actual time and quality work and you will be the successful freelancer.

If you feel that you have above qualities of being successful freelancers then what are you waiting for just go ahead and make your own word of freelancing and be your own boss. But donít start just apparently because nothing in the world is as easy as it looks alike. There are so many risk factors come along with this. So better to make research for whether your skills are suitable for freelancing work or not? Whether there is a market of your talent or not? The best way to start a freelancing business is donít give up with your present job but make it part time for financial security and start freelancing for remaining time. Once you become the master of this risky field you can definitely leave a job and start your own business.