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06-02-2012, 09:35 PM
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  Old  Brainstorming + Help (#Highschool problems)

Hello. I've been registering for several Design Forums lately, and that is for one main reason - I'd like to talk to the pros and ask for help and some brainstorms!

A bit about myself and the idea first, so you don't think this is just a newbie designer looking to mooch ideas from the big times.
I'm 15 years old and have been interested in/practicing web design and graphics since the 4th grade.
It is approaching the final day of my Freshman year and I am in a program, Owatonna Options which is an innovative program that allows the students in it to learn their own way, creating projects to cater to what they need to learn. Students in the program can earn way more credits than standard high school students. It's only two years old, but I've heard of Sophomores having enough credits to go straight to their Senior year.
Anyways, I wanted to do a summer inquiry for this program and earn a credit over the summer. This inquiry is a design inquiry. I'll copy+paste the inquiry description...
I want to create a website for some kind of 'fake' company - for an entertainment company (ie; or possibly an interactive site of some sort. I'm not sure were I will host it, but I have knowledge of CSS (cascading style sheets - what coding goes into the website to make things appear) and web design graphics. I want to try a long term project and gain a credit, or half.
As of now, I have a hosting site, and I deducted that I want to go with an interactive experience of sorts.
What do I need you all for? Well, I'd like to collect some ideas for a web site!
I don't have very much right now, so that's why I'm looking. I'd appreciate any help you can offer me. Also, I will be keeping track of all of the people that help me out for a thank you page on the disclaimer of the website.
You can contact me at my student email,

Thank you so much C:

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