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07-05-2020, 11:41 PM
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Originally Posted by Village Genius View Post
He's probably not checking here too often but his name is Artashes Toumanov. He does use LinkedIn. He is the sole runner of the site at this point. Good luck with the rest of the former staff; I'm not interested, I can't speak for Salathe (but wouldn't hold my breath) and everyone else hasn't been involved for over ten years. Keep in mind I was the last staff member to leave and that happened in 2013, that's how long we've been abandoned outside of a few promises that never materialized.

What I'm getting at is TF is a lost cause. The age of the independent forum is long gone (killed by Reddit, Stack Overflow, Discord and others) and this particular website crossed the point of no return years ago. 2006/2007 TF is never coming back. The archived content here is worthless due to age, it's been almost a decade since non-spammers have joined and I don't think many of the old regulars would even come back, not in a serious capacity anyways.

Even switch to the legacy theme and tell me what you think in 2020 (dropdown menu immediately above the forum stats on the left). I like it more than this theme, but it very much looks like a mid 2000s forum.
Wishful thinking really. I almost wish the owner would just remove this place all together instead of what I've seen this place turn into.

This place was really a lot of fun for me, and even though I wasn't one of the regulars like you and Salathe etc... it was just a really cool place to visit, interact and learn. Just a shame what this place has turned into.

If I were able to buy TF by some miracle, I'd at least give it a try just to see if any of the old guard would come back around. I do think forums are a thing of the past, but they still have a place depending on what genre you're targeting.

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