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  Old  Rules of FreeLancing

We describe a possible structure and main points to be included in a budget, along with some tips and examples that can help us improve our proposal and win customers.

Due to globalization, personal contacts, face to face and traditional commercial work are losing weight and evolve into a new form. Now it's much easier to communicate with a potential customer anywhere in the world and meet him but almost always positive, it is very common, due to distance, that quote is not feasible. In that case, the website of our company is our first commercial, our image externally that will inform the customer of who we are, all the services we provide, and so on. This will not supplant a good commercial work, just going to complement it and give it greater ability to penetrate markets previously inaccessible except by a major financial investment and resources.

The most important points that should have a budget are:

* Full: Since the introduction of our company, so the solution that we give the client project, examples of projects already completed, indicating which includes budget and closed as important as this, do not include.
* Light: Always think that the customer does not know. If you know may think are very basic, but unless you know and pass a budget too technical, do not we get our idea so that he can see the result.
* Concise: Do not beating around the bush, to read literature, novels it. We are interested to support increased power of ideas in the smallest space possible. To do this, we highly recommend, use tables and / or points.

When developing the structure of a budget, we must consider:

* Introduction: A short introduction to how we approached the project's needs and reasons have led us to decide that this solution is most suitable for the project.
* Project Description: The description will be based on the type of project. If it is simply a web host, there will have little except the features of the servers and services offered
* Work Methodology: Explain to the client as we do things for example that first comment is to design the web site or database, that until such approval (signed), is not going to go to the next phase
* Runtime: must be followed. It should also be keenly and indicate what are our responsibilities and which are yours for deliveries of equipment, validation etc, and the influence they have in the past, the delay in delivery and approvals.
* Detailed budget: It is very useful tabular each of the sections that go to make up the project and drill at cost.
* Payment: also indicate the deadlines to be met.

All these items, this order need not be even be mixed, but it is important to convey this clearly to the customer. If you want to see an example of budget preparation, you can see the following examples:

* Budgets search engine promotion
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