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04-25-2013, 06:35 AM
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Originally Posted by Purge View Post
Sorry about the cofusion. :P

I want to make it into a business but I have no where near the experience nor time to start a business nor have enough clients to start one. As of now, I am probably just going to have the services that I offer listed in my Portfolio as I planned and not expand to a business just yet. As for the .com I was planning on making it the first initial of my first name and my last name at the end. So or somthing like that.

And one question about getting Clients.

Currently, I am looking for clients because I offer coding services. But I am a new coder around here and I don't have many works to show to them before they use one of my services. Would me coding my portfolio be enough to start off as an example of my coding to get some clients and post their work as an example in my folio?

Yes... coding your portfolio is fine..... If client asks you for more examples, you can provide them some free sample of your work...

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