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  TalkFreelance : Rules

TalkFreelance Rules

DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME. Every single post and every single new registration is screened by moderators with years of experience.
If you are a spammer, all of your posts will be deleted. Guaranteed.
If you are here to build signature backlinks (trust us, we know how to tell), signature will be deleted on all of your posts and your profile page.
NOTE: This is a "=NOFOLLOW" forum anyway.

Important Notes

  • In an effort to reduce problems with new accounts and advertising, new accounts have restricted privileges. They cannot use the Private Message system or create new threads in the Marketplace or certain other forums. After being registered for four days (regardless of post count), these privileges will be raised to that of normal members (being able to send/receive PMs, etc.).
  • These rules are subject to change at any time without warning. It is your responsibility to remain up to date on current TalkFreelance policies and regulations.
  • Any post or thread may be removed without notification if determined it is in violation of the rules or does not contribute to the discussion / community or forum.
  • Any debate or rebuttal of a staff member's decision should be taken to an administrator. In a case of an administrator's discretion coming into debate, the next available administrative member will rule.
  • Staff have the ultimate right to use their discretion with anything and everything that happens here within the TalkFreelance community even in cases where a rule is not in place to cover the conduct that requires discipline/action.

Community Rules

  1. Each person may have only one (1) account.
    Consequence: Permanent ban of all the users' accounts.

  2. All publically displayed messages are limited to English.
    Consequence: 1pt infraction.

  3. No member may post on behalf of a banned user.
    Consequence: 1pt infraction.

  4. Members must have raised privileges (ie, be in the "Registered Users" usergroup) before advertising within the marketplace or within signature blocks.
    Consequence: 1pt infraction.

  5. Advertising of any kind is prohibited within the thread of another member unless solicited.
    Consequence: 1pt infraction

    • Note - Advertising is defined but not limited as discussion of, or linking to, a product, service or website.

  6. Members may make an announcement in the Member Websites Announcements forum once within any five (5) day period.
    Consequence: 1pt infraction.

  7. Any form of spam is strictly prohibited.
    Consequence: Permanent ban of the users' accounts.

  8. Any discussion of illegal actions or activity is prohibited.
    Consequence: 1pt infraction.

    • The staff will make the final call on what is determined to be inappropriate. If you feel something you see is not appropriate please report it.

Marketplace Rules


  • TalkFreelance has implemented an iTrader rating system which allows users to make other users aware of a person's transaction history (positive and negative), we strongly suggest you take advantage of this system which is found on a user's profile page.
  • TalkFreelance staff is not a mediating body. We take no responsibility for our members' actions within the marketplace or any sort of unruly action within a transaction. We will in rare cases evaluate a member's status within the community providing they have a negative iTrader history.
  • Any violation of a marketplace rule is subject to thread or post removal.
  • All community rules also apply within the marketplace
  1. One advertisement per unique item, service or product every 5 days throughout the entire marketplace section.
    Consequence: 1pt infraction.

    • Staff will not delete threads in order to enable a user to post a second advertisement within the five (5) day period.

    • Users are prohibited from posting duplicates of an advertisement within any sub-forum found in the marketplace.

  2. Negative comments, negative criticism, allegations, or trashing of threads is prohibited.
    Consequence: 1pt infraction.

    • This includes but is not limited to belittling a user's product/service, 'rip' allegations (If you feel a user's thread breaches copyright please report it), bringing up past interactions, commenting on product/service quality and especially commenting on pricing (eg. This is way overpriced). This does not include negotiation of pricing or bartering (for example, "Would you take $50 for it?").

  3. Fluffy "nice website", "should sell!", "good luck", "great design!" style comments are prohibited.
    Consequence: 1pt infraction.

    • The marketplace is a place of business, not somewhere to stroke an ego. All posts should be bids and/or questions/answers related to the thread.

    • We have other forums for members to ask for comments on their work/services, outside of the marketplace..

  4. Users may only link to another forum/website for information providing the website does not require registration for viewing.
    Consequence: 1pt infraction.

  5. Should a user decide to post the same sale/request/advertisement on another website, they must post all updates locally to keep TalkFreelance users up to date.
    Consequence: 1pt infraction.

  6. Posting your thread within the incorrect forum is prohibited.
    Consequence: 1pt infraction.

    • This includes but is not limited to posting a thread within an unrelated forum or posting a budget product within a non-budget forum (and vice versa).

    • If a user posts something in an incorrect forum they must report the thread themselves to have it moved as to avoid an infraction.

    • Users looking for quotes should request in the forum that depicts their budget.

    • If you're not willing to spend more than $100 (or whichever limit is displayed in the forum description) your post must go in the budget forum for that specific marketplace category.

    • The limit portrayed in the forum description is referring to the starting price of any item.

  7. Selling/requesting/advertising a product or service of which the copyright is not owned by you or even attempting to do so is prohibited.
    Consequence: 1pt infraction.

  8. Bumping threads is prohibited.
    Consequence: 1pt infraction.

    • Bumping is considered posting to raise a thread's position to the top of a forum or to gain notoriety when there is no pertinent new information.

  9. Advertising of "free Wordpress themes" is prohibited.
    Consequence: 1pt infraction. (or a permanent ban if we consider it spam)

    • In the past we have had a number of user accounts using our forums as a place to spamvertise their collection of free Wordpress themes. This is no longer allowed. (Rule introduced 8 Oct 2009)

Signature Rules


  • TalkFreelance staff reserve the right to modify or remove any signature or signature content without notification should it be in violation of rules or deemed inappropriate.
  • New accounts do not have access to the signature privilege.
  1. May contain a maximum of two (2) smilies or one (1) animated smiley.
    Consequence: 1pt infraction.

  2. May contain a maximum of three (3) colours.
    Consequence: 1pt infraction.

  3. Must be kept to a maximum of five (5) lines at size 3 font.
    Consequence: 1pt infraction.

  4. "Fake" signatures must not be appended to posts
    Consequence: 1pt infraction.

    • New accounts do not have access to the signature privilege and sometimes like to add their own links to the end of every post. This is not allowed.

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